The Beauty of Acadia National Park in Maine

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Acadia National Park Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. There are mountains, hiking trails, beaches, and camp ground that make people love to visit the park. A lot of people travel to Maine just to visit the park. This is the center of most activities in Maine. Acadia National Park is located in Augusta, Maine. It is in the town of Bar Harbor. The park covers most of the Island Mount Desert. It covers more than120 miles or 49,000 acres. The park also includes Schoodic Peninsula, Isle au Hut, and other islands. Acadia National Park only covers the state of Maine. The borders of the park do not cross over into another state. Acadia is the fifth smallest national park, but it is one of the top ten most visited national parks. It is the oldest National park east of the Mississippi River. In 1919, Acadia National Park was named Lafayette National Park. The name was changed in 1929. January 19, 1929 Acadia was name the third National park. Acadia National Park was established to protect the areas of Maine’s rock bound coast, its coastal line and offshore islands. The park is characterized by the geologic features, natural history, native plant and animal life. The government protects every acre of Acadia for future generations to preserve the nature. The park was formed five hundred million years ago. Settlers used to explore and live at Acadia National Park. Two million years ago Acadia was blanketed by New
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