The Beauty of Ireland

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Ireland has a unique landscape throughout the country where you can visit its beautiful coastal regions, see its magnificent castles and you can visit its famous movie shooting hot spot where movies such as Harry Potter, Braveheart, Game of Thrones and Hellboy were filmed. You can look at the 19th century style towns such as Tullamore, Athlone and Killarney with lots more. No matter where you are in the country, you can experience the traditional food and have fun in the irish pubs. When looking for fun things to do with your family? Ireland can offer a wide range of activities for you to do such as visit the music festivals, go to the air shows, visit Irelands natural museum of history or explore the towns and landscape and what they have to offer. Ireland has monuments with Celtic designs with lots of history and you can visit places like this in Clonmacnoise. Clonmacnoise has a whispering arch. This arch allows one person to stand in one corner while another person can stand in a different corner and they can whisper to each other through this arch. Clonmacnoises has a magnificent look out on to one of Irelands well known lakes. When it comes to site-seeing, Ireland has some of the best attractions. You can visit historic castles with a lot of history behind it which will have you engulfed as you walk through the hallways, pass every corner and walk out onto the lush gardens. Ireland has many castles with different pasts and castles that are known as hidden castles.
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