The Beauty of T-Street Beach

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T-Street beach, like no other The warm summer sun necessitates the convergence of the beach lovers and sea creatures along the silent T-Street beach. Morning hours set pace with utter silence save for the whistling beach trees leaves against the smooth breeze pampering them with life. But the silence lasts not for long. One pair after the other arrive at beach leaving graffiti on the white sand as they walk along to their selected space. The midday comes and the shore fills by and by. People from wide and far troop to the shores of the ocean, setting the place a buzz with coos of inaudible sounds. Life shifts from the homesteads to the beach and activities get going. The little children give chase of each other on the soft sand and the elderly silently bathe in the warmth of the sun and sand. Vendors solicit for buyers with irregular successes every now and then. The sun rises to the mid skies making perfect time for marine tourism. With a little pay the boats pack people into them and under the guide of skilled boat riders heads the boat to the marine rich zones off the beach. The sight is marvelous to behold and the varied colors of fish and other rare marine life makes everyone never want to head back to the shore. The hungry children lead the packs to the barbecues to get a bite and head back to the play spaces. The availability of ready meals at the beach food vendors makes life at T-Street beach to enticing to think of going back home. Everyone bites what they can

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