The Beauty of the Tropical Monsoon Climate

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The tropical monsoon climate is found in those regions where there is a complete seasonal reversal of winds. It is mainly found beyond the equatorial region between 10° and 25° North and South of the Equator. On-shore summer winds blowing from over tropical warm oceans generate the abundant precipitation, while the off-shore winds from over land make the weather dry during winter. The most clearly defined monsoon climates are located in the coastal areas of the eastern and southern Asia. For example, India, Burma, Bangladesh, Indochina, Southern China and the Philippines experience a tropical monsoon climate. Surface relief, direction of the coast line and the extension of the monsoon into middle-latitudes cause a number of sub-types of…show more content…
Air masses that dominate this period are dry given their continental origin or stability. A distinct dry season from October to May, when the temperature are lower, the interior of Asia is a region of high pressure. Wind blow over the land in a north east direction , carrying little or no moisture with them. These cool , dry North East Monsoon winds blows toward areas of low pressure and do not bring rain. A wet season from June to September, when the wind change in direction, the wind blow in the region of low pressure. Winds blow across the equator and blow over the oceans, they are warmer and carry a lot of moisture. They bring alot of rain. Total rainfall can reach 600 m The grasslands of Tropical Wet and Dry support many herbivores (plant eaters) who graze in the grasses. Most of these animals usually migrate and run in large herds for safety. Examples include wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, elephants, giraffes, etc. Many carnivores (meat eaters) follow and hunt the herbivores. Lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and large birds hunt the savannas of Africa. In the coastal regions of the tropical monsoon climate the temperatures are uniformly warm. Air temperatures show a marked annual cycle. The highest temperatures in this climate are recorded during summer just before the arrival of rains.. Average temperatures for the summer months vary from 27° to 32°C. During winter, however, the average

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