The Bedouin

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The prophet Muhammad, born in 570 AD in Mecca, was raised by his uncle Abu Taleb as part of the Quraysh tribe. When he was 25, Muhammad married a 40 year-old business women, Khadijah, while living out his days as a merchant. As the state of life in Mecca could at times be overwhelming, Muhammad discovered a cave in Hira, which he used to disconnect from Mecca through meditation. During a routine visit to the cave, Muhammad was visited by an angel, in human form, who revealed Muhammad as God’s messenger, urging him to relay the words of Allah to the citizens of Mecca and beyond. Concerned about the possible reaction of his fellow Bedouins, who were grounded in their polytheistic, ancestral tribes, Muhammad did not begin preaching God’s word…show more content…
The Bedouin had little interest in conventional religion, as speculation of supernatural higher powers did not make any impact on their difficult environment (Reading 3, page 15). Because of their harsh, nomadic lifestyle, the Bedouin instead evolved a chivalric code, which, seeing as they were extremely communal, stressed the importance of protecting and avenging the tribe (Reading 3, page 15). However, this chivalric code, known as Muruwah, only encouraged bravery and selflessness within the context of the tribe, paying no attention to universal human rights (Reading 3, page 16). As such, there were great acts of violence committed between various tribes, who following their own special brands of Muruwah, were obligated to defend any actions of their tribal brethren. The prophet Muhammad, a Bedouin himself, saw that the barbarity of the tribes was not conducive to prosperity in Arabia. In his final sermon at mount Arafat in Mecca, prophet Muhammad relayed to listeners his message, at one point saying, “every Muslim is a brother to every Muslims and Muslims constitute one brotherhood” (Reading 2, page 11). The concept of brotherhood spoke clearly to the Bedouin, as it was inline with their cultural traditions. Because the prophet was one of them and his message of stressing community related to them, the Bedouin bought into the monotheistic religion of Islam. Moreover, because members of the same tribe could not fight amongst each other, Bedouins who converted to Islam brought about peace, ending the senseless violence between each
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