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Television: Our Nations Drug of Choice
     Television is our era’s escape from what we now consider a chaotic struggle of life. I think we as a people feel life can be solved in an hour long Monday night special and that exact attitude is our society’s problem today. Frankly we are a group of cowards who do not take the bull by the horns; rather we retreat to routine episode line up that we can supposedly relate to. Ladies and gentlemen we need to break free like Plato’s slave in the myth of the cave, by realizing that life is not “Ragged, loose and something hard to cope with” (Dove) but rather a beautiful journey far off into the beyond.
     “Over ninety-eight percent of homes in
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In this specific case though we
look for the newer episode that fills in the void we are left with by last week’s cliff hanger.
     TV gazing can be detrimental to the human body. The body burns calories to a large extent slower because of the immobility of watching the tube. Body metabolism and calorie-burning is an average of 14.5 percent lesser when watching TV than when basically lying down in bed. A good question to ask as well is, mentally what does the television shows do to our children’s ability to function in the world? Kids, mainly girls, are a more likely than grown-ups to be portrayed as sufferers of brutality on the box, and this can make them more terrified of the world they live in, rendering them incapable of normal functions, such as commuting to work, walking in parks, etc. etc. Some of the most violent TV shows are children's cartoons (Dragon Ball Z, Batman, Looney Tunes), in which violent behavior is seen as cool and at time entertaining—and the real outcome of bloodshed are not really revealed, leaving today’s youth to make their own ending to the coyote’s unfortunate plummet 100 stories up.
     Whatever happened to the inevitable but informative “Birds and the Bees” speech from our parents? Youngsters nowadays are surrounded with sex symbols, sexual references and images in all popular fads whether it be television, advertisements, magazines, movies,

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