The Beginning Of Colonial Life

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The beginning of colonial life started off with great living conditions. There was a lack of disease and good amount of clean drinking. These new conditions for the colonist added a few years to the life expectancies. Because of the new great life spans of the colonist, the growth of New England was at an all-time high. Even though there was a great start in New England, Chesapeake was far from growing at the time. It was full of disease; almost all of the men and women were widowers. And their children became orphans. Even though there were countless deaths, disease captured mostly European women. The men then began to have relations with African and Native American women. This then became known as miscegenation. Native Americans and Africans quickly began to have a major impact on the Colonial America. Because of the miscegenation, a population of mixed races began to grow. This then caused the elites to prevent miscegenation. They did this so that they can prevent mixed race children from eventually claiming to not be enslaved. And have a free status. Then there was the Seven Years war. This was due to conflict between Britain and France. The battle began between the two because of the need of territorial control of the interior of North America. Britain settled along the Atlantic seaboard, the coast of North America. The French claimed the St. Lawrence River. This was the river valley of Ohio and Mississippi, now known as the great lakes.
This conflict caused the…

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