The Beginning Of Expansion Of The Middle Class

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Post-World War II United States was a significant period of time when the lifestyle of American people changed dramatically. Long period of economic booms brought mass suburbanization and people purchased their own home appliances, houses, and automobiles. As a matter of fact, in the background of the change of American lifestyle, there were repeated technological innovations. Successful mass productions of goods accelerated buying activities, which promoted the economic development in the United States. This was the beginning of expansion of the middle class; some people get enough money to succeed in having a happy life in the United States with family. However, when the status of family in a community was considered, proper management of money was necessary to keep their lives. Handful choices of buying goods or products with satisfaction made American Dream possible, but buying activities changed the social status of people for better or worse at the same time.
As is well known, American Dream is an idea of success that can be gained by effort and sometimes saving money. It generally requires having a good life as a middle-class or higher-class family who do not struggle with financial problems. Certainly, being able to buy something that a person “wants” represents that he/she is capable to be at least middle class whether or not they can buy then and there. Purchasing something one needs and something one wants sounds similar, but they are different. The economic
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