The Beginning Of International Liberalism

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1914-1939: The beginning of International Liberalism - Wilsonian Liberalism - the first stages of contemporary globalization of trade, the establishment of international institutions that would secure the free flow of capital - the institutionalization of international economic practices, the rise of production but also the end of WWI and the inter-war period economic crisis. The Russian Revolution as an attempt to overthought capitalism, the failed socialist revolutions in Europe and finally the Market crash of 1929 and the impact of the US Great Depression on World Markets. 1939-1973: WWII and the revival of US economy - US the sole healthy economy not influenced by the way yet making profits from the war. Post-WWII world economy…show more content…
Post-socialist economies transition to capitalism. World economic crisis of 2008 prove the instability of capitalism. The role of the Government in globalized world The primary role of national government is to protect the safety and well-being of its citizens and the sovereignty of the country 's borders. The key priority for the government is the economical development, although the governments do not create wealth itself except though taxation, government should have clear defined vison for the future of its state, through maximizing technology, monitoring capital flows in the interests of battling organizing cribs and money laundering, minimize bureaucracy, having a clear definition what the governments wants to attract and promote, make investment and location decision and most important provide education. Although it is not possible to spell out the exact map of the future, there are ways to develop a viable vision for the future of the county thought empowering individuals, inviting capital from the rest of the world also creating suitable conditions for interaction in multinational levels. The new globalized world demands a new script, the nation state should begin to change its shape and become region-state. In a world of instant communications and a completely interconnected economy, the nation-state is becoming increasingly irrelevant. In order to create a positive wealthy cycle region states must be created. The region -state is the geographical and
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