The Beginning Of My Second Rotation

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Today is the beginning of my second rotation. The first rotation was at Tradition Medical Center in Port St. Lucie and my new rotation this month is at CVS/pharmacy Store #8373. This community pharmacy is located across Good Samaritan Hospital in Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, Florida. During the first day I met the pharmacy manager Dr. Melvin Pickens. He immediately introduced me to the staff and made me feel welcomed. We discussed my goals for the rotation and the plans he had for me. We had a great conversation about the pharmacy workflow and how he liked things to be done. Once he finished giving me the orientation, I told him that I worked for CVS and his eyes immediately opened up very big. He was very excited because the company had to cut payroll and he was glad I was going to be able to help them out for a whole month.
During the first week Dr. Pickens made me responsible for making and taking doctor’s calls, doing transfers and working at drop-off. Since I worked for CVS, I was not allowed to ring up any items or prescriptions therefore I never worked in the drive-thru or pick-up stations. I requested to earn everything about inventory which included: placing and receiving orders, entering returns, out of stock medications, cycle counts and outdates. While working at CVS I have been trying to learn and improve in this area but time was never in my favor and this was my opportunity to become the expert. In
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