The Beginning Of Slavery During The Great Migration

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The Beginning of Slavery in United States.

The history of slavery began in 1619, when in the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, landed a Dutch ship, "White Lion", with twenty enslaved Africans who were captured in a battle with a Spanish ship. The Dutch ship was damaged, so people needed to stay and repair their ship. They also needed food and supplies. Therefore, they decided to sell Africans to the colonists as indentured slaves. In that time began a new period in colonist 's life called The Great Migration, which was a period when the population of the colony grew from 450 to 4000 people. But people faced some problems like disease, malnutrition and war with Indians. Colonies desperately needed laborers. The solution of this problem was indentured servants. Indentured servants are people, who work for food, clothes and shelter, for certain period of time. Indentured servants were not only Africans, a large majority of them were also Germans, Irish, Scottish and English. The laborers were very important, because colonists needed gather crop, build buildings and do other work to make live colonists more easy. (History of slavery in America)

An interesting fact about the first slaveowners is that the first legal slaveowner was a black man named Anthony Johnson. Anthony Jonson was born in Angola. He was brought to work on tobacco farm in 1621 as an indentured servant. The Virginia Muster(census) listed his name as "Antonio the negro". He almost lost his life
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