The Beginning Of Stock Market Game

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Han Le P2
Stock Market Essay

The due day of the assignment: January 12, 2015
The dates of stock market game: Stated October 24, 2014; ended December 12, 2014
The total amount of money I ended with $4,927.07, minus $750 = $4,177.07
The number of pages therefore that I am required to write to receive full credit for the project: 8 pages

Part 1 - Page 1 and 2: Personal Experience This was the very first time I enter a stock market game. Stock is a complex and complicated game, which require a great interest in it. Because of this was my first time I know about stock, it is confusing, and there were many questions in my head which i need the answers for understanding its concept. Stock like a book, through
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Another reason is I bought the stock that my friend also bought as well as bought and sold in the wrong time. My biggest trade that I was successful is at November 07, 2014. At 10:32 am, I sold 35 shares of GDP and got $272,60. That was my first time I got the interest. The first reason I think of is lucky and I choose the right time to sell them. The day before, when I bought 40 shares of GDP, their prices were lower than the price at the day I sold them. As the time I bought them, I did predict they would go up the next day. I waited for the price I believed high enough to get the interest. Another biggest unsuccessful trade was in December 5, 2014. I only bought 5 shares of the ANF, but I lost so much money. ANF at that time seemed like never go up, it kept going down. I have wrong prediction on ANF. When I bought ASK and GDP, I looked at their prices first, and they are cheap. With ASK, the time I bought its shares, I bought them with my friend because I think they can watch ASK for me while I did not have time. But it kept going down. GDP, I bought it when I first saw its graph, it went up and down frequently, and I want my money back, so I decided to buy it. At the end, GDP made me so happy. The last stock I bought ANF, it was really terrible, I lose money. In my stocks, there were no fast moves either up or down. And also they did not report
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