The Beginning Of The Industrial Revolution

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Since the beginning of time when humans began to walk the Earth women have always been stuck in the household doing things to help make the house life better and easier to live in. With women being set to only do house work they began to adopt and fine-tuned many skills that had been genetically implanted and treaded in their minds throughout the centuries. For the last 150 years women have slowly inched and fought their way into the workplace alongside men. With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution a long dormant spark in women began to finally show its true colors, and women finally understood that it was time for them to move out of the home and into the workforce with women. With the introduction of factories and better way of…show more content…
Mother’s that stay at home have developed many specific skills that could and can be used to help improve workplace production and performance. Some of the most important skills that women have gained from just being stay at home mothers include organization, time management, multitasking, and amazing people skills that men at the workplace could never get from any book, website, magazine, tutorial, etc. These four skills only scratching the surface of what stay at home women develop from being in the home with children. The first of these skills, organization is one of the most important skills that anybody needs and women develop a very unique and special way of learning this skill that makes the best type of organization, and one that only mothers can learn. Organization is the key to anyone’s success in the workplace, school, or in the home environment. However, when it comes to who has the best organizational skill I would have to say without a doubt it is stay at home mothers. Women who have been stay at home mothers know that if the house isn’t organized they can’t keep it going smoothly. So the skill of organization is one that women probably developed the earliest to make the household run more smoothly. With this the stay at home mother can bring this skill to the workforce and help make it more productive and more efficient in getting everyday task done faster and better. For example, when my mother got promoted to
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