The Beginning Of The United States

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The beginning of the story of the United States starts like this: a group of Spanish foreigners were traveling across the oceans in order to find the so called new world. In their journey to this world, they stumbled upon new land and decided to visit the land. During their visit, they encountered the native Americans and came to amicable terms with them. They later went back to their country to tell about their founding to their king and upon hearing the news, more people started migrating to this new land. After the first wave of immigrants from Spain, a new wave came England. This wave of settlers was fleeing religious persecution. After finding a new home on these lands, the settlers started pushing and killing the native Americans out of their own territory. After years of constant war between the native Americans and these new settlers continued and the settlers were able to push the natives away enough to not have to worry about them. The settlers turned around declared war on their British overseers and out of that war came the declaration of independence. The country of United States of America was formed but at loss of the native Americans who were basically considered the settlers while the US were in contrast their English overseers. This type of action is not only highly hypocritical; it is highly prevalent throughout the history of the United States of America.
The foundation of the United States was freedom. They wanted to be from their previous government,
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