The Beginning

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In the beginning God create the heavens and the earth. At the time the earth was like a void, darkness everywhere consuming the planet, and God said four words, “and let there be light.” Then there on that planet earth God separated light from dark. He blessed the light and called the light day, and he cursed the dark and called it night. The second day has arrived. God then said the waters from waters, and called to the expansion of heaven. The third day came. God wanted to fill the gap in the water, so God created dry land, and made the gathered water seas. Now he said there should be vegetation on the earth. The third day has passed. God said let there is the expansion of time telling from the seasons, and let there be light at night…show more content…
To make sure that this was true he then sent a dove to find more land. The dove did not come back either. So Noah stepped out of the ark and let the animals roam. Outside the ark was a bright light from above and was called a rainbow. It was symbol given to us meaning that he will never flood the earth again. In the beginning there was only one langue and we had the same words and meanings. The people of Noah’s descendants have migrated to the east land and called the place Shinar. One of the leaders, Nimrod, heard the stories of God and wanted to be in heaven. So he told the people of Shinar come build this tower to got to heaven with out God’s help. He used every brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar/cement. Lord new what they were going to do without God, but God did not want this to happen so he made everyone have different language to confuse them in building a tower. This casted the different languages throughout nations, and the spreading of the different languages. The lord has created a great nation of humans, for what that is what God has thought, for from chapter 1-11 in Genesis it has shown that in the human race there is good people and there is bad people, God wanted to mix his mistake God made for creating the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. God saw only evil in the hearts of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. God told Abraham that he was going to destroy the town of Sodom and
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