The Beginning and End of HealthSouth Corporation

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HealthSouth Corporation was incorporated in January 1984 in Birmingham, Alabma by the founder Richard M. Scrushy. HealthSouth Corporation is the leading provider of medical rehabilitation health care and outpatient surgery services in the United States. Richard M. Scrushy was the former CEO& Founder of HealthSouth Corporation, and there were 5 CFO which were Aaron Beam, Weston, Smith, Bill Owens, Michael Martin and Tadd Mcvay.
Richard M. Scrushy is one the founder of HealthSouth in 1984. And he also is the CEO of HealthSouth. At the beginning with his friend in Amcare Company, he use a million dollars investment by Citicorp Venture Capital to founded HealthSouth. Two years later, Richard made HealthSouth become a listed company. In 1987 HealthSouth has expanded to two new areas, which is worker’s compensation and sports medicine. Thus it makes HealthSouth earned a hundred million dollars. By 1988, HealthSouth has operated a network of 21 outpatient facilities, 11 inpatient facilities, and seven rehabilitation equipment centers in 15 states, it has became the leader of rehabilitation industry in the U.S(James Press, 2000).
HealthSouth got rapid growth through acquisitions in the early 1990s. In early 1990s HealthSouth has been financing over a hundred and eighty one million dollars over 50 states in United States. By the mid-1990s, HealthSouth has operated 14 inpatient and 31 freestanding outpatient rehabilitation centers in 21 states. And it continued to add new
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