The Beginning of Development and Success

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The beginning of development and success An entrepreneur is known as an inventor who taking the risk in the business. It performs in the role of innovation as the key of development and success which associates with society, currency, creativity and sustainability. Entrepreneurs also involve in economic development, interacting with suppliers and customers to create a market and variation of the product. The entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development are performing together in the relationship. First, entrepreneurship is action of people who want to start or make new business happened. These people are trying to make a profit out of the new product at their own risk. They are called Entrepreneur (Robert, Michael, Dean, 2008). Cantillon (1775) also described the entrepreneur as one “who assumes the risk of buying goods, or parts of goods, at one price and attempts to sell them for profit, either in their original states or as new products.” The idea of new product is either improvement of combining goods or the non-existing concept idea. Entrepreneur mostly begins base on the concept idea and possible solution that does not physically exist. Along with the concept idea, there are always uncertainties until it has become success as innovation (Drucker, 1986). The role of innovation plays along with the entrepreneurship. Both of them are relied on one other in order to become well success. When the entrepreneurship stands alone, it is nothing more than just a
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