Essay The Beginning of Global Warming

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One may believe Global Warming is tedious and a myth and show no concern for the environment surrounding them. The reason for choosing this topic of Global Warning is because Global Warming is a reality that the world must recognize. People must understand the many changes occurring on earth as well as the people all over the world have prevented global warming. The earth has many changes that have occurred in the past and further events waiting to occurring in the future. There are many facts to prove the people are not noticing the harm we are undertaking towards earth. The earth has many changes that have occurred in the past and some that are going to transpire in the future. One could notice changes such as “Glaciers melting, plants…show more content…
We saw the hottest March on record in the contiguous US and July was the hottest single month ever recorded in those lower 48 states…the frequency and intensity of some very costly types of extreme events are likely to worsen with climate change, as temperatures continue to rise and affect weather patterns…” was stated by the NRDC. With the geographical image (See figure 3) one can see the record braking heat and snow here within Texas. The urgency of taking action becomes clearer with every new scientific study made. I can personally support the dramatic weather changes throughout the seasons in Texas. I first moved into San Antonio a few years ago and immediately noticed the warm Texas weather. I begin to perceive the warm summer days commence to feel hotter than usual as for the winter season only last for a month and jump right into summer again. Throughout the seasons one does feel the weather as it should be during the season, but here in Texas one day the weather is extremely hot and jumps into low temperatures the next day. The greenhouse effect takes a major role in global warming as the balance of natural causes towards the earth’s weather and surroundings. (See figure 4). An article discovered on the web stimulates the explanation of the greenhouse effect stating, “Climate change is due to the enhancement of the Earth's greenhouse effect, which is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that trap heat in the
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