The Beginning of World War II

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The war began because Germany attacked Poland and the United Kingdom, France and other countries joined forces declared war on Germany. The United States thought the Japanese had spies.The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and got in States involve in World War II .They had to send all Japanese American to these camps. The United States tried to protect themselves because the government thought the Japanese had spies. The United States was suddenly attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan and the president asked congress to declare war on Japan. A few hours later Canada and the United Kingdom joined the United States. Then a few days later Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. The American’s fear was that there was going to be another attack but they didn't know when it was going to happen or where they are going to attack at place or time. West Coast could be next on the Japanese military's list and a large number of Japanese American’s live in California, Oregon, and Washington. So they thought could they be spies here in our country or could they be stealing information and sending it back to their country or could they be plotting with the enemy back in Japanese.President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. All people of Japan ancestry living on the West Coast will be removed from their homes. The people will be placed in 10 war Relocation Authority (WRA) Camps. The camp life is different for each person. Everyone is forced to make many
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