The Beginning of World War Two

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The Beginning of World War II "The era of anxiety and economic depression was also a time of growing strength for political dictatorship. Popularity elected governments and basic civil liberties declined drastically in Europe"(McKay 967). Most say the start of the second World War was due to the depression across the world. Others, like Monetarists, believe that the second World War was no accident. The worldwide depression left countries with dictatorship that seemed to be the wave of the future and therefore the start of World War II. "Documents proving Hitler's dogged determination to wage a war of conquest are so many and so clear that whoever…show more content…
His speeches were aimed at the middle and lower middle class people. These people were seized by panic as bankruptcies increased, unemployment soared, and the dreaded communists made dramatic election gains. As this was happening Hitler worked hard to gain support of two key elite groups. The first group was business leaders who he promised that he would restore their depression shattered profits. Second he promised top army leaders that the Nazis would overturn the Versailles settlement and rearm Germany. He also focused on many of the young Nazis. The youth were promised national recovery, exciting and rapid change, and personal advancement. "Economic and political situations continued to deteriorate, and Hitler and the Nazis kept promising that they would bring economy recovery and national unity. Hitler also came to power by the breakdown of democratic government as early as May 1930"(McKay 983). Hitler also had a great skill as a politician. "He was a master of mass propaganda and psychology, he had written in Mein Kampt that the masses were the driving force of the most important changes in this world and were themselves driven by hysterical fanticism and not by knowledge"(McKay 984). As Hitler played the good guy in front of the citizens his back- door politics were dirty enough to bring him to power. On January 30, 1933, Hitler was legally appointed Chancller by
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