The Beginning of the End for the Cold War

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Declining economy and diminishing legitimacy of the Soviet system at domestic level did play a crucial role, however, many realist believe that it was the US especially President Regan’s policies (Regan Doctrine) which concluded the Cold War contest with victory for the west. Kegley believes that by engaging Moscow in an arm race, the Soviet Union was dragged into a competition which exhausted their already fragile economy leading them initially into retrenchment and ultimately out of the contest. (13) Peterson notes the argument of Patrick Glynn that Gorbachev’s radical reforms of perestroika and glasnost which accelerated the demise of Cold War were actually in response to President Regan’s rhetorical and psychological attack on the Soviet Union. While perestroika was an effort to reduce the economic gap between the two countries, glasnost, the liberalization of politics was in response to Regan’s statement that democracy would be the future global political system. Supporters of Regan see his personality and policy of “peace through strength” as a key factor in ending of Cold War. Through Regan Doctrine, the USA showed a resolve to confront Communist forces in the Third World. This commitment did show off in Afghanistan where, the US support to Mujahideens raised the cost of Soviet occupation and accelerated their defeat.
Many scholars see the Regan’s era defence build-up as a single most important factor in bringing down Soviet Union. US official believed that by rapid

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