The Beginning of the Second World War Essay

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When the First World War started to come to an end, many people hoped that it would be the last war that Europe had to endure. Unfortunately to many people who lived through the first war, the Second World War surpassed the first in death, scope, brutality, and by the number of people it reached. The roots were not only buried in the First World War, but also in the precious years after it. It was also the result of Axis aggression, a failed peace treaty after the First World War, and the failure of the Allies to stop the expansion and influence of Axis powers. When the First World War started, many people believed that it would be a quick war (Wilkinson 35). To many who looked the combatants, the Entente powers …show more content…
Germany lost the Polish Corridor, cutting off Prussia from the rest of Germany (117). It also placed Allied troops in the Rhineland for a period of 15 years (117). Along with other territorial changes, Article 231 of the treaty placed the blame of the war on Germany and her allies (117). This humiliated Germany and would eventually become a major contributing factor to the stab-in-the-back theory used by Germans in years to come (118). Included in the treaty were reparations, which Germany had to pay large sums of money over the next decade.(118). After the First World War, a young Bavarian corporal named Adolf Hitler settled in Munich(Wilkinson 228). Dismayed with the humiliation of the defeat of Germany and the terms placed against it, he got involved in rabble-rousing beer-hall speeches(228). He stressed nationalism and anti-Semitic ideas. In 1919, he joined the National Socialist German Worker’s Party(228). Soon, he became its leader and led the small organization into a coup that tried to seize power in Munich(229). After it’s abysmal failure, Hitler was tracked down and thrown in jail(229). In his jail cell, Hitler wrote his autobiography and political feelings called Mein Kampf(229). This book would later be the holy book of the Nazi Party. Released in 1924, Hitler had a change of heart(Wilkinson 229). Gone were the days of violent attempts to overthrow the government; instead, he casted the Nazi party as a legitimate party and

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