The Beginnings Of English America

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Laura Siobhan Bouck History 130 Essay #1 Jonathan Bechtol The Beginnings of English America Long before Columbus sailed to America, Europeans had dreamed of a land full of abundance, riches, and freedom. Europeans believed that if they moved from Europe to America, their lives would change for the better when they stepped foot onto this new land. But what they did not realize was that things would not be so easy at first. There were some major similarities and differences between Europe and America. But compared to America, everyday life was completely different than that in Europe. When the protestant pilgrims landed in America in the year of 1620, this was the beginning of a new journey for many Europeans. Those who were fortunate enough to make the trip were ready for a life without religious strife that was forced upon them and monarchical ruling. “Long before Columbus sailed, Europeans had dreamed of a land of abundance, riches, and ease beyond the western horizon. Europeans envisioned America as a religious refuge, a society of equals, a source of power and glory (Foner, 2).” They were also ready for a way to solve the English social crisis of overcrowding the “closing of commons” property in Europe, a place for prospects for a trade-based empire, and most of all, freedom. Because they were ready for all these changes, the English colonization of the New World decided to create a different environment than that of European powers. First off, when those arrived
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