The Beginnings of Oakmont Pennsylvania

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This area formed a sizable part of Oakmont today Between that time and the creation of the borough, much happened that shaped the town. The town developed from farms owned by early settlers Michael Bright, Jonathan Hulton, David Grier, and Caleb Lee, into a thriving semi-residential, semi-industrial community. Even dating before this there may have been Indian settlements near the mouth of Plum Creek. Indians may not have lived in Oakmont at the time but they definitely hunted here for many flint arrowheads have been found around town mainly near the river and along the banks of Plum Creek. It wasn’t until the late eighteenth century that white men settled in present day Oakmont. The land was offered for thirteen cents per acre and a buyer could establish a claim to a tract by having it surveyed. The purchase price did not have to be paid until a patent for the tract was obtained from Pennsylvania and patenting could be deferred which encouraged land speculation rather than settlement. From 1769 to 1787 George Croghan, John Baird, William Maris, David Mcfee, and John Woods established claims to tracts encompassing all of present day Oakmont. At this time Oakmont was part of Plum Township. Almost all of these men were land speculators who never obtained patents for their tracts but sold their rights to…
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