The Behavior And Positive Behaviors

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Assessment Name #1 ABC Record Definition of Assessment This is a type of anecdotal record that records a specific behavior or incident, Antecedents (what happened before), the Behavior, and the Consequences (what happened after). Assessment’s Purpose or Rationale The purpose of this is to keep a record of specific behaviors over time to determine if there is a pattern of the behavior, provides a way to analyze the behavior, and how effective the consequences are at helping the behavior. However they can be used to record social behavioral improvements and positive behaviors. This can be used on individuals or the class as a whole. An Example of When to Use Assessment I would use this to help track disruptive behavior in the classroom, specifically during circle time or while students are on the playground. I would use this on a specific student to track a particular behavior, either positive or negative, so that I can determine how to best approach helping students with the undesirable behavior and promoting positive behaviors. A Positive Characteristic of the Assessment It will keep a great record of what happens before a behavior to cause it, what the behavior was, and if the consequences are effective when addressing negative behaviors. A Negative Characteristic of the Assessment The action of recording in the moment might be hard to do while always being on the go with a preschool classroom. Used as Summative/Formative (Explain) This is a formative assessment as it
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