The Behavior And Success Of An Organization

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The behavior and success of an organization is fluid and requires looking at its characteristics in a variety of ways. Managers and leaders must be flexible and willing to adjust and change as situations and environment change. Bolman and Deal (2008) have identified four frames that an organization’s leaders can use to strategize in taking the organization from one level to the next, while still remaining true to its employees, mission and values. These frames are: Structural, Human Resources, Political, and Symbolic. In utilizing these frames, management and leaders should consider and exercise the following: 1) be deeply rooted in their organization’s values, mission, and beliefs, 2) be honest and reflective and consider the answers…show more content…
However, the key is to establish the right structure to ensure the services or products provided are delivered in ways that ensure quality service, maximum productivity, cost effectiveness, and stable workforce. In other words, the design of the structure must fit the intended outcome to yield the most success. This is often challenging because many organizations struggle with ensuring the organization’s structure takes into account putting the right people in the right places and roles are clearly defined. Defining roles and responsibilities are keys to any functioning organizational group, whether it’s as simple as a family unit or a large major business organization. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities help to promote responsibility, accountability, and proper division of labor. This can often be done by putting people in areas where their tasks are aligned with their strengths and skills; in
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