The Behavior Of A Manager

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Leadership plays an imperative part for the growth and success of any firm or business. Theses days leaders are more professional and they possess reasonable thoughts and plans the to change dreams into reality (Bennis, 1992). There are many styles of leadership theories to support a theory of a particular manager.There are many theories like contingency theory,Transformational leadership,behavioural theory,participative theory,management theory etc.All these theories support the behaviour of the manager in an organization (Schneider, A., & Schröder, T.,2012).Transformational Leadership is one such theory which has defined the type of leadership technique a manager uses to inspire positive changes in those who follow.These type of managers are generally dynamic,vehement,fervid. I will be using this theory in my essay to explain the behaviour of a manager. The manager I interviewed is an IT Manager working in Cognizant information consulting company in Pune,Maharashtra in India. She is a very knowledgeable and a skillful individual. She has previously worked for TATA consultancy services,Bangalore in India before relocating to Pune.Cognizant information consulting company is an IT company is an American multinational company that provides consulting and business outsourcing services which includes business & technology consulting,system integration,application development & maintenance,IT infrastructure services,analytics,business intelligence,data warehousing etc.She leads…
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