The Behavior Of American Soldiers During World War II

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Question 1: Use the automaticity and leadership models to explain the behaviour of American soldiers in World War II. Introduction Automaticity can be defined as the habitual setting of the mind to accept challenges and perform duties without meditating upon the small details that they entail. In military science, it refers to the training of the soldiers to habitually practice and perform certain duties and roles instinctively. It is usually because of training, learning and continued practice that the function or duty becomes preconscious. Soldiers having undergone a thorough training after their recruitment are automatically physically and mentally prepared to engage in battles and wars. World War II began in 1939 and ended in 1945. This was the most extensive war in the history of the world that involved all continents and many active nations. The war was also the first one in the use of nuclear weapons and other sophisticated artillery. America at the time had emerged as a financial and military superpower, after most of the powerful European nations had suffered losses after the First World War that ended in 1919. World War II can be attributed to the invasion of the Nazi Germany into Poland and its aggressiveness towards other powerful European states like France. Similarly, Japan’s aggressiveness in Asia was causing tension among the powerful states of Russia and China. America’s participation in the Second World War Under the presidency of Roosevelt, America had
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