The Behavior Of Jessica Priestley 's ' The Night '

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Throughout the course of 6/22/15- 6/27/ Igoe REACH has come into the home of Jessica to observe her behavior. The behaviors, which Jessica engages in, place her in harm of herself and her peers. Monday she engaged in elopement, which then led to a sit down strike in the middle of the road. The incident required two staff to physically escort her in the home while trying to deescalate the behavior, which included screaming and kicking staff, was punched in the face another staff was also forced in a ditch that was filled with mud. All these incidents happened while in the presence of her support coordinator for Prince William County. Collin another in home counselor came to observe Jessica. I made contact with him on his second time with Jessica. Collin was unaware of Jessica normal behavior so staff shared with him that he should, “observe” her getting of the bus. Immediately entering the house she started to engage in behaviors that led staff to verbal redirection. This took place for about 45 minutes until the AD for Community Concepts (Regina Goldston) advised him to back away and observe from a distance. It has been noted that Jessica will engage in more behavior with an increase presence of staff. Collin spoke with the home manager about the normal behaviors. The OM asked what exactly could reach provide to Jessica as far as support goes. Colin responded that they could provide more intervention training for staff, help create a scheduled activity plan, and possibly

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