The Behavior Of Operant Conditioning

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Operant Conditioning Behaviors can either be increased or decreased as a function of the consequences of engaging in them; therefore, there can be a decrease in undesirable behaviors through adding negative consequences or an increase in desirable ones through the addition of a positive consequence. Specifically, to stress and time management, studying for exams served as a positive punishment for me because the addition of study time resulting in unwanted scores making me dread studying in the future. This often times leads me to avoidance and/or escape coping strategies. This maladaptive coping technique maintains disorder and decreases functioning, having a negative effect on my time management skills. This avoidance technique can also…show more content…
The time budget measurement sheet is similar to a planner so I will fill in how I will be spending my time by the hour to get organized. I added the time estimate tracker to gain a better understanding of how long certain assignments or studying well enough to feel prepared for an exam actually takes compared to how long I think it takes. I will eventually be able to properly fill out my “planner” with confidence and a sense of control. Preparedness involves beginning on homework and trying to complete it within the two days it was assigned, as well as studying for exams at least five days in advance. If I plan to study five days in advance, and an emergency comes up replacing the time I was supposed to be studying, I have to find the time the next day to make up the time I missed the day before. This will serve as my stimulus control. The combined efforts of these time management techniques should have a positive correlation to my well being as well as decreased stress levels.
Time management is a great solution for stress because it finds ways to work more efficiently and maximize one’s use of time, especially when we feel incredibly busy. It is also a great means to set goals and make plans to achieve them. Making a commitment to filling out my planners will help me to perform at a higher academic level. This is a good form of self liberation. Time
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