The Behavior of Juliet's Father in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, we are introduced to “a pair of star-cross’d lovers” and both of their families who are at conflict with each other. Capulet, Juliet’s father, is the central character in this piece of work and numerous times throughout the course of the play we notice his conduct and approach towards his daughter differs immensely. At times he can be seen as a caring and loving father and at other times he is perceived as being insensitive and selfish. The differences between Capulet’s behaviour can be said to be normal for the time period the play was set in and also in Verona’s culture it may have been acceptable. However in present times, we would cast negative judgement over Capulet and his actions because in…show more content…
Capulet shows his anger through the type of speech he uses which is called staccato. Whereas before, Capulet spoke in a poetic way using blank verse and iambic pentameter, he starts to use shorter and more abrupt sentences. His speech is now straight to the point and no longer poetic and shows his anger in the situation. He starts by imitating Juliet and then goes on to command and threaten her to get herself to the church on Thursday to get married or he will drag her there. He then insults and calls her names such as “tallow-face” and “green-sickness carrion” and even though she begs and pleads with him to listen to her and even gets down on her knees to do so, Capulet still does not relent and says she should “hang” and that if she doesn’t arrive at the church on Thursday that she should never look at him again or talk to him. He goes on to say to his wife, “my fingers itch”, which suggests that he either wants to strangle or slap Juliet, the latter would probably be seen as heartless discipline by the reader but the former could possibly result in death and would be a very serious crime. I again start to feel that Capulet is a merciless and cruel father. He goes on to say that the only child God has borrowed to them, Juliet is more of a curse than a blessing. This is a very strong statement for anyone to say and draws me nearer to the conclusion that Capulet is not a caring and loving father. Soon after, we see that Capulet
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