The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Essay

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Methods One major method that will be used will be the statistics taken from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) provided by the NC department of health. Also, data will be used for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health study, done for the year 2015. Both of these will give pertinent data on what factors may increase obesity over the target population. While the method of this surveillance may use the BRFSS, there can be many more other methods that can be used. In evaluating a financial project, majority of the times the methods used during the evaluations will be quantitative, in order to prove financial gain (Makarova & Sokolva, 2014). The same quantitative method can also be used in two different ways within this project. The first method used for quantitative reporting, would be as the same as Makarova & Sokolva mentioned, which would be using it as a financial indicator of the overall success of the project (Makarova & Sokolva, 2014). As stated earlier, obese individuals spend about 1,429 dollars more on health care than a normal individual (Finkelstein, Trodgdon, Cohen & Dietz, 2009). If an analyst wanted to take this quantitative method, they would use the amount of money saved per year, over the course of an individual’s life, as a way to show that the evaluation of a plan was successful. To further this, if the surveillance saw one person stay below obese for 25 years, this would yield a total savings of around
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