The Behaviors Of People Shopping Is Best Buy On Black Friday At The King Of Prussia Mall ( Kop

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Field Information For my ethnography assignment, I choose to study the behaviors of people shopping in Best Buy on Black Friday at the King of Prussia Mall (KOP). This file assignment is to participate and to observe the anthropological concepts usages in American rituals. Since I did not have the chance to meet with my family members, who live in Indiana, I choose to participate in the modern tradition of Thanksgiving- shopping. Moreover, one of my friends decided she want to experience the spirit and the heat of Black Friday by lining up outside a retile store beforehand she was then kind enough to take me with him. After searching online with all the Black Friday sale advertisements, she figured that Best Buy offers the best deal and…show more content…
We were dropped off first at Best Buy so we can stand in line when our driver, Nate went to look for a parking space. I was shocked by the crowd that was already ahead of us since it was only four o’clock, meaning an hour before the store opens. I asked the families in front of us which item they are hopping to purchase. They said they have their eyes on the big screen television, but they probably won’t get it. They arrived five minutes before us and were already told by the store managers that the products are limited. I noticed that people in the beginning of the line had sleeping bags and tents with them. I really wanted to ask how long they have been waiting, but they didn’t look too approachable. The weather was wet and cold that evening, and the sun set once we arrived. People were chatting and having conversation with strangers for almost forty minutes before the managers announced that the open hour will be late for ten minutes due to shipment issues or some sort. The atmosphere quickly turned, people were angry and complaining that they have been waiting overnight. I could feel the intensity of the line when the managers also announced the quantity of products they have. There were only fifty iphone6s with sale and everyone gets to purchase only one. Even though I wasn’t getting anything, I felt really nervous. When the time stroked 5:15, the door was open and people ran in. I mean they ran in without
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