The Behavor of the Chief in the Film The Story of Qui Ju

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The movie the story of Qui Ju depicts the difficult quest of an ordinary provincial woman, who was seeking justice in the little village in China. Despite of the fact that she was pregnant, she persistently and willfully was overcoming all the obstacles on her path. She went from one office to other with a desire of restoring justice. However, she was disappointed again and again: officials were not able to fulfill her demands, even though the only thing she wanted was a mere apology by the village chief, who had severely beaten up her husband, Qinglai. The compensation she was offered with was monetary. However, she did not need money; she wanted an apology, but she could not get it because the chief was so obstinate that he would not…show more content…
When Qui Ju went to the chief to get the money and also, as she hoped, an apology, the chief arrogantly and insultingly threw the money on the ground and made derisive remarks afterwards. Again the chief was seen as ill-tempered and malevolent. To utter few words of apology was unconceivable for him. He displayed disrespect and disdain to her. Qui Ju, filled with pride, would not pick up the money from the ground. Such behavior of the chief aggravated her greatly, but the chief did not care. He could not put himself into her shoes; he did not understand her – he definitely imposed on her what he would not have desired for himself. The only thing she wanted was a decent apology, which the chief would not give because of his arrogance and obstinacy. Also he was afraid of losing his face, if he did actually apologize. The chief cared about his reputation more than being humane. The chief did not act correspondingly to the Confucian philosophy. It caused Qui Ju and her family a lot of troubles, for she would not stop that and go any lengths to achieve retribution. The situation got exacerbated, for Qui Ju decided to go to file the same complaint in the district police. To her great unhappiness and to great content of the chief, the decision of the district police was the same – the chief still had to pay the compensation fee of two hundred yens. The chief relished over it, for Qui Ju underwent such lengths in

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