The Belief Of God Or Gods

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Animism has Latin roots and means "soul" or "life" conferring to the dictionary. It is cosmologically involved. Also, it includes two beliefs—the belief in measured forces throughout nature, in natural objects, animals and humans; and the belief in personal gods and spirits throughout nature, in natural objects, animals and human beings. Perhaps, this belief is interrelated with cosmology. It seems to most religions that cosmological theory has an important role. God or gods is the sole and sustainer of their faith and also of the universe. Yes, human beings like the Apache tribe have shown significant traditional rites through the Sunrise Dance. It is an Apache girl who first experiences her menstruation. The tradition has set her…show more content…
He rules all implements made of iron. Oshun is an orisha of female beauty, love, and wealth. She is the Oshun River. Myths portray her as being married to different male orishas. Secondly, sacred times and sacred places could be landscapes or places that are made by human beings. For example, a forest is considered sacred to Oshun beside the Oshun River. Thirdly, sacrifices are offered to a being greater than oneself. They are actions of propitiation and ways of binding people to gods or ancestors. For example, for Yoruba, animals may be sacrificed. Blood of the sacrifice is smeared on the altar to increase the orisha’s ashe, for blood is believed to contain ashe. Next, magic can be defined as someone who speaks words of power while performing ritual actions. They can control spirits and forces that will make the desired material change. Magic can be performed to help or hurt people. Yoruba believes that men perform magic for their advantage and hurt others. Moreover, they also believe that women, particularly old women, are witches. They can hurt people, as well as relatives, with their magic if they are not treated respectfully. For instance, Gelede is a festival where men dance in masks and costumes. They entertain elderly women, who are believed to be influential witches. This performance is to please the witches or elderly women so that they will not cause harm. Following is the rite of passage. The rite of passage includes rituals that assist
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