The Belief Of Life After Death

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Many different religions around the world see the importance in life after death but these beliefs do vary a lot and each religion will believe completely different things. Two core religions in this essay that will be looked into are Islamic and Catholic. What do they believe will happen when someone dies? Is there another life after they die? Heaven? Hell? Or Paradise? Through this you will the importance in the belief of life after death, and the practices, rituals, and prayers that provide evidence and physical proof of how they show this belief. Then to go onto to discuss the wider implications holding onto these beliefs can have.

Catholics believe that the resurrection and death of Jesus have changed the meaning and the effect of human death. Death is no longer the end of an individual’s human identity, because the soul continues on after death. The Catholic Church teaches that a soul may go to heaven, purgatory or hell, depending on the quality of a person’s life on earth. “That the body dies, death is a normal natural process” (Ecclesiasticus 3:1-2) Based upon the sacred scripture and teachings of the Church, we know what Catholic believes after death and what follows it. When someone dies, their soul is separated from their body and no longer sustains any order within the natural body. As a result of this, the human body begins to corrupt and is left to decompose on its own. The soul however is completely different as it is immortal and will never cease to exist…
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