The Belief Of Quakers And Catholics

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There are many different views in the world on how and why we all came to be and by who’s power. This leads to the formation of many unique religions, who each have developed separate distinguishable views about a personal God or lack thereof. While there may be significant differences between each religion, they also have many similarities. This is true for Quakers and Catholics. Although Quakerism and Catholicism share similar beliefs in the "historical Jesus", Quakers seem more accommodating to today’s religious people when considering current uprising issues, including homosexuality, abortion, and authority of their faith than are Catholics. Quakerism came into existence as an offshoot of Christianity in the 17th century. The main belief of Quakers focuses on an equal access to God for all people otherwise known as spirituality equality. People of this religion believe that no race, gender, class, or other group has any sense of entitlement to divine revelation over another (Sullivan Julia). In the church setting, Quakers are very welcoming. In fact, prior to my attendance of a Quaker meeting, I visited their website and the very first page had these big letters that read, “You Are Welcomed Here”. I saw this same welcoming when I attended the meeting at First Friends Meeting in Richmond, IN. Those who attended greeted me at the door and conversed with me after the meeting. Both conversations, while brief, made me feel welcomed. Welcoming is a sign of the Quaker belief
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