The Beliefs Of King Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

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During the Renaissance age, excommunication within the Catholic church was very common; many rulers of state and religious rulers started to test the beliefs of Catholicism and eventually cause themselves to be excommunicated (Provost 2920-2921).The Catholic church began to lose its power in the Renaissance as art and science grew; people had new ideas and understandings of the world and the church began to influence the people less. Humanism helped many people start to believe on their own and have their own opinions. This powered the philosophy of Secularism, which stated that religion and politics should be separate; this idea obviously opposed the Catholic church, and as a result, the Protestant Reformation began in the early 1500’s by and man named Martin Luther. Martin Luther, born Catholic to Hans and Margarethe Luther tested the Catholic faith and was excommunicated because of his views of the church. During the Same time period, King Henry VIII was eager to make an heir but was unable to with the spouse he had chosen; his inability to achieve a divorce, the creation of the Church of England, and the disrespect toward the Catholic church gained him a spot on the “excommunicated" list. Amongst King Henry VIII many offspring, Queen Elizabeth I continued her father's church and was tested for coping the beliefs of the Catholics but calling it a different name later resulted in her excommunication. All of these leaders influenced the community and caused many civilians
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