The Beliefs Of Misconceptions And Gender, Race, And Sexuality

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Collins approaches the beliefs of misconceptions already existent towards multi social groups’ underlying different issues mostly affecting African Americans. These issues highlighted by Collins include, “a set of ideas and social practices shaped by gender, race, and sexuality that frame Black men and women’s treatment of one another, as well as how African Americans are perceived and treated by others” (p.7). These ideas encapsulate a false understanding of the issues surrounding the persecutions the black community undergoes frequent. The notion of Black sexual politics addresses many connotations influencing behaviors as well as analyzing the reasons as to what affects explain the Black injustice created within our social structure. Furthermore, Collin does express how these perceptions created from gender, race, and sexuality not only affects the black community but also impacts other interracial injustices. These arguments affect a larger portion of society relative to: “Puerto Ricans, indigenous people, Haitian, Chicanos – as well as issues concerning poor health, homelessness, joblessness, and so on” (Collins p.13). This interracial component relates to global phenomena acknowledging these exploitations that affect society, nevertheless as a reader of Collins theories, she invites us to comprehend the actions and analyze our position within these issues. Other, components that relate to Black sexual Politics are the political structure and mass media. The development
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