The Beliefs Of The Christian Bible

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have gone. Locked in the dungeon, shrouded in an all-consuming cold where you will remain until you have paid your full price. Your reward will not be what you expect, but will be what you have earned. You cared not to listen to me. You can listen to the silence of darkness and the weeping and gnashing of teeth. You dwell in confidence now, but you will be left with only sorrow, and you will be filled with dreams of what could have been. All the preparations and schemes were not enough to save you from meeting your end and being destroyed. You took pleasure in adding imaginary winnings and dreamed of a boundless victory you can never have. You received strength in what you believed would be your reward, but you only deluded yourselves. I…show more content…
At this time, Jesus came like a thief in the night, to see to the death and removal of his followers, lest they fall into the trap of worshiping the delusion. No one saw him come or go. They were sent to a prison where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The world became an endless graveyard with millions of dead Christians strewn wherever they had fallen. Mounds of dead bodies filled every vacant lot in every city and country, waiting to be set aflame. Gathering dead Christians became the number one priority for the world. Once again, mankind believed they were witnessing the supernatural powers of a madman. Soon the sky above Jerusalem turned from blue to white because of the strangest phenomenon ever to appear. It was not a cloud's white, but a white coming from pure light of no source. Thousands of people came to the city to stand in awe of the light which canopied Jerusalem for hours. A whirlwind of fire appeared in the sky as the crowd grew to its largest size. People stirred in fright as the whirlwind fell closer and closer to Jerusalem and toward the crowd. The fiery whirlwind set down on the Mount of Olives and disappeared, leaving a man of unbelievable beauty standing before them. He stood motionless, holding a walking staff, and he waited for people to congregate around him. The crowd quieted when
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