The Bell Jar : Literary Analysis

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Mrs. Smith

English III

9 November 2014

The Bell Jar: Literary Analysis With Author Biography

Sylvia Plath is a renowned poet and author. She fantasied the world with her

powerful writings. Beloved to the world, she truly changed women 's status. She wrote

distinctively from her own life experiences. This is cleared showed in her book, The Bell Jar.

This book offers a theme of rebirth and a theme of feminism.

The 27th of October in 1932, Sylvia Plath was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her

father, Otto Plath, was a college professor at the time and a German immigrant (Werlock

1049). Aurelia Schober, her mother, also worked in an university like Otto and taught secretarial

studies (Werlock 1049). The family later moved to Winthrop. This is where Aurelia 's parents

lived and where Sylvia Plath would live throughout her childhood. According to Litz, "The Plath

household was a patriarchal one in the traditional, Old World sense" (Litz 527). This and the city

formed Sylvia Plath 's personality and her creativity (Litz 528). Also, during this time, Sylvia

Plath had a strong connection to her father. Otto Plath showed great pride in Sylvia Plath and she

began to idolize him (Litz 529). However, in November of 1940, Otto Plath died of diabetes

(Litz 529). She began to write to "Daddy" shortly after, which showed her contrasting

relationship with her father ("Sylvia Plath"). Also, after Otto Plath death, the family began to
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