The Belle Of New York Music Analysis

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The late nineteenth century was a time of ‘extraordinary theatrical bounty’, and the initial stages of nonsensical musical comedy. Shows that had loose plots concerning ordinary characters and settings were prevalent. Most of which, would never experience American revival. (Musicals 101- Gay 90’s). The Belle of New York, performed in 1897, was a part of this lighthearted musical comedy period. When people ponder the “Gay 90’s”, The Belle of New York is unquestionably a show that comes to mind (Musicals101- “Gay 90’s”). The Belle of New York is a musical comedy in two acts, produced at the Casino Theater in New York, New York, on September 28th, 1897 (Ewen). Music was written by Gustave Kerker (Hischak 57), the book and lyrics by Hugh Morton, and staging by George W. Lederer (Ewen). The musical was a modest success in the United States, with only 56 performances during its run (Ewen). The show was evidently more popular in Europe, becoming the first American musical to relish unqualified success in Great Britain (Musicals101- Gay 90’s). The…show more content…
Harry is problematic on behalf of his father Ichabod (played by Dan Daly), who happens to be running for Vice President of the Young Men’s Rescue League. Ichabod believes Harry’s reckless behaviors could alter his standings in the race (Ewen). Ichabod plans to annul Harry’s current marriage to Cora Angelique, played by Ada Dare, and promises to restore Harry’s millionaire allowance, if he marries his new love interest, Salvation Army girl, Violet Gray (Hischak 57). Violet will eventually show Harry the error of his ways (Ewen). Violet is played by Edna May, who performed as the Belle of New York on both sides of the Atlantic (Musicals101- “Gay 90’s”). Her role as the Belle of New York won her fame and fortune (Edna May-
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