The Beloved Children's Storybook, Winnie the Pooh by Alan Alexander Milne

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Winnie the Pooh is a children’s storybook written by one of the most famous children’s British writers, Alan Alexander Milne in 1926. Milne’s inspiration of the character was from a stuffed animal that his son, Christopher Robin owned in the nursery. Therefore, Milne made up a special bedtime story for and about his son; it was about a “silly old bear”, some other animal friends and many pots of honey. The Pooh series, including Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner were instant big hits in England.

Till this day, the stories of Pooh are still being read. It inspired adult works like The Tao of Pooh and many other children’s titles including playbook, cloth books for babies, and not to mention the popular Disney
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Pooh having to be such appealing character is by no accident. The book Winnie the Pooh and Disney’s film adaptation together make an effort to attract the world’s attention. The story by Milne and the lively pictures by Edward Shepard, the illustrator inspired Disney’s adaptation; characteristics in the book and film coincide with each other to make such successful creation. This essay will take the objective view to analyze in what ways the book and film attain its three important purposes of writing and filming, which grant them the honor of world-known storytellers and Pooh as an enduring and successful character.

Further from noting the three purposes of writing and filming of Milne and Disney, this essay will explore the textual features including the written, non-written expression and the conceptual parts of texts.

Winnie the Pooh: Original stories & adaptation to animated films
Unless clearly stated by the author, it is not possible for reader to fully comprehend author’s mind and recognize his or her intention of writing. However, by looking at the historic background, other textual evidence, and with logic deliberation one might be able to have a glimpse of what author’s general purposes were.

On 18 January 1882, Alan Alexander Milne was born in Hampstead, London. According to Milne’s school report, as a six-year-old he could already “speak 556 words per minute and write more in three minutes than his instructor can read in
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