The Belt And Road Initiative : What Will China Offer The World And Its Rise

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A great number of scholars and researchers have started writing articles, reports, journals, and books since China’s the Belt and Road initiative has established several years ago. The Belt and Road initiative is apparently interesting to be analyzed in as much as the initiative is taking back the triumph of China in history. As written by Wang Yiweiin his book titled “The Belt and Road Initiative: What Will China Offer the World and its Rise”. The book is mentioning Silk Road in history as a driver of the Belt and Road Initiative development in current years. Moreover, he also emphasized that “The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s grand strategy of deepening its reform and opening up as well as practicing its ideas of win-win…show more content…
Even though this is giving a clear idea on the building and the precondition of the Belt and Road Initiative, this only gives a view of Chinese’s rise and its opening up. Furthermore, the next research paper gives more broad perspective on the initiative. The paper titled China’s New Silk Road Initiative which is written by Zhao Minghao give a linked explanation on the establishment of the initiative. He explains the Current Development and impact to China-EU relations. The materialization of the China-EU “comprehensive strategic partnership” hinges upon the integration of respective policy agendas between Beijing and Brussels. While it is good enough to give more understanding how OBOR Initiative give an impact of bilateral, multilateral relations and regional impacts, the paper is not strong enough to draw a current research, especially in the relations with Southeast Asia and Myanmar, in particular. Nevertheless, another research paper has given a broad perspective on why China want promote its new Silk Road plan especially in Southeast Asia Position. The book titled“ China’s Belt and Road and Southeast Asia: Challenges and Prospect” which was written by Alvin Cheng-Hin Lim has drawn a clear idea. The author wrote that China has several reasons to promote the new Silk Road. Firstly, China wants to reduce the cost of transporting goods. This is because such improvements will affect all cargo using these

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