The Ben Carson Story

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When people hear the name “Ben Carson” they think of the neurosurgeon, who separated the Siamese conjoined twins; Patrick and Benjamin Binder, at his adult age of 33. They will remember what a tough process it must’ve been on the parents, and especially on their mother, Theresa Binder after she’d searched throughout the medical world to find a team that would separate her twins while being able to preserve both of their lives. There were other surgeon teams who told her it could not be done and that one of her sons would have to die, which is a thought that she could not even bare. Luckily, she’d discovered the John Hopkins Team and met Ben Carson who was one of the neurosurgeons there and was able to separate her twin boys keeping both of them alive. / Moreover, they will think of the young man who was encouraged by his mother to work hard in school and read for a quality education and the opportunity for him to achieve his all-time dream which at his young age was to become a doctor, though he was not very sure what kind. Ben Carson, known as Dr. Carson today was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 18, 1951. The second son of Sonya and Robert Solomon Carson, he’d grown up in the hard climate of the inner-city Detroit. Ben had gone through a lot of struggles as a child, which of course have made him stronger and smarter based on his success today. For instance, when he was eight years old living with his mother, Sonya, and ten year old brother Curtis he lost

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