Essay on The Beneficial Effects of Caffeine

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Beep Beep, Beep Beep! Your alarm is going off, so you roll over and hit snooze. This happens a few times, and before you realize it, it is 7 o’clock. You have 30 minutes before your big biology final, and you’re still groggy and tired. You throw on your clothes and grab a caffeinated beverage of your choice before sprinting out the door. You know you can’t rely on caffeine to stimulate your brain, or can you?
This scenario is very common in the lives of most college students. For most students, caffeine dependency has become more important than sleep. Caffeine seems to be the boost that students need before tests. “Unfortunately, I have no data associating sales trends to midterms and finals, but I think it's safe to assume that sales of
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Caffeine comes in a variety of forms from sodas to weight loss pills, and is arriving in new forms daily. With caffeine usage on the rise, it is important to know how you can benefit from caffeine.
Research has proven that caffeine affects you brain directly. Studies show that you can rely on caffeine in small doses to jump start your basal forebrain, the part of the brain that processes information (Fisone, Borgkivist, Useillo). It affects a “group of projection neurons located in the striatum, the main receiving area of the basal ganglia” (Fisone, Borgkivist, Useillo). This means that caffeine makes information move faster within the nervous system, which is in direct control of the brain. Researchers at the Radiological Society of North America ran a series of simple tests such as having volunteers answer questions by clicking “yes” and “no” buttons as fast as they could remember the information. The information that each volunteer needed to know was stored in their short-term memory since the information was given to them 12 hours prior to testing. Random volunteers were given caffeine, about the amount of two cups of coffee, and their results were compared to those volunteers that did not have caffeine. In the caffeine condition," the volunteers demonstrated a tendency towards improved short-term memory skills and reaction times during the task (“Coffee Jump-starts

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