The Benefit Of Year-Round School

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Most schools in America have year-round school, because they have never bothered to try anything new or to afraid weather it will improve or harm the current schools GPA. The problem that most schools have is changing the calendar and arranging the times when there out or school: but if they would take the time to edit the calendar they would get all the benefits of having year round school. The one thing that most school administrators think about is the fact that changing the schedule and how they're going to get it started/inserted as a new school cycle. The answer, is simply to start the school the one time with the original schedule the edit the next summer break and all the other breaks to fit the schedule. (THE EFFECT OF YEAR-ROUND SCHOOLING ON ADMINISTRATORS) It’s not like is a punishment in fact many people enjoy it better than the original schedule after they find out what is actually is/like; that includes both students and teachers. (Teachers Have Greater Job Satisfaction in Year-Round Schools) Also it gives those with less things to do all year round where in the old schedule they would go two months in a half doing nothing. Even some parents see summer vacation as a stressful obstacle to give…show more content…
They say that it is a last resort for low performing schools because having the year around school keeps the information in there mind constantly were most students forget the information over summer break. (Extending the School Calendar Is a Last Recourse for Low-Performing Schools.)That also is a reason, if studies show that students tend to lose the information that they had learned that year over summer break then that itself is another reason to change the
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