The Benefits Of A College Athlete

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The biggest schools that are located in North Carolina would be Duke University, University of North Carolina, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and last, but not least, is North Carolina State University. These schools are top schools that are in North Carolina that are bringing in big revenues to the schools. Athletes that are playing for these schools are putting their hard work and dedication into the sport that they are playing. College athletes are giving a scholarship to play for their school that provides them their free education. Athletes that are attending colleges and universities are seeking a paycheck for playing a sport while attending school, but they should not because their education is being paid for by the scholarship,…show more content…
“They are the ones that took the agreement upon themselves to play without being paid, so their for these athletes know for themselves that when they start playing at the college or university there was not going to be any type of for pay. Scholarships that are awarded to these players are their paychecks technically because it pays for their schooling, like their education, books, meals, and etc. A normal college that is attending a college or universities without giving a scholarship are the ones that end up in debt when they graduate. Students are having to pay for all their needs including books, meals, and also education. The average cost of college is roughly between $9,500 and $35,000. Most students have to work and have parents help with paying for college, and that is why college athletes are pretty much being treated with pay when it comes down to all the college expenses that they have to offer. Even though these athletes have a busy schedule while attending college, research shows that if these athletes was to be paid it would throw all the athletes off task and that they wouldn't want to participate as much because their minds would just focus on the money and instead of the games…show more content…
The IX law states the no person in the united states should be denied any benefits that claim to discriminate anyone under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. During the past couple of years there have been some issues about some schools and teachers breaking the ix law intentionally and some not like cannon vs. University of Chicago, gonyo vs, Drake University which gets into the opportunities for women, and also cohen vs. Brown University which also gets involved with women not being able to to play volleyball and not being able to be on the gymnastics team because it was banned because they felt that women don't see a sport like a man would look at a sport. The ix law was created just for that reason and that's why when we look at why we should pay athletes we should look at all athletes even if the the teams are just very small teams
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