The Benefits Of A Lifestyle Essay

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The Benefits of a Mindful Lifestyle in Multiple Populations
According to Roger Walsh, a psychologist at the University of California, mental health professionals are relying more and more on medication to treat mental disorders. Walsh argues, however, that most mental disorders can be effectively treated by having a client make simple changes to their lifestyle. Lifestyle medicine, the branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of disorders by having a person change their way of living, focuses on how therapeutic lifestyle changes (including exercise, diet, recreation, relaxation, and service to others, just to name a few) affect psychopathology. In this setting, psychopathology refers to the collective features of clients’ mental health. Therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLCs) can be especially beneficial for clients who engage in unhealthy habits that may factor into to mental disorders. In fact, unhealthy lifestyles contribute to both poor mental health and poor physical health. Many serious, potentially deadly diseases today, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer are strongly impacted by a person’s lifestyle choices. In this paper, however, the focus will be on the effects of TLCs on mental health. In his article Lifestyles and Mental Health, Walsh mentions the benefits of using TLCs in place of excessive medication or psychotherapy. Usually, TLCs are affordable and accessible to most clients. Although some methods may require spending
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