The Benefits Of Abstinence Of Sex Education

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Why “Abstinence-Only” Doesn’t Provide Desired Results Almost every young American has had some sort of sexual education— whether it be an in-depth program, or just a mandatory slideshow— having to sit through a sex ed. class is a rite of passage. But does the education we receive here in the U.S. really teach us what we need to know, with an “abstinence-only”— that is, not having sex until marriage— approach being the primary teaching of this educational course? The American method of instructing teenagers and young adults that abstinence is the only way to safely handle sexual education is detrimental to our country as a whole, and would be better replaced by a more comprehensive program. Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection…show more content…
STIs can be prevented, obviously, by not having sex. But as statistics show, teenagers start having sex at around 17; so there has to be a better solution. When “half of all sexually transmitted infections (estimated at 18.9 million annually) occur in people under age 25”1, the logical path would be to find a way to keep the teenagers who do have sex protected. That is why sex education should include comprehensive lessons on how to use condoms, because otherwise STIs can spread, in addition to other risks involved with having unprotected…show more content…
There have never been just straight people, therefore there has never been just straight sex, but what American sex ed. programs teach might make a young adult think that’s the way it is. However, if you look outwards to the Netherlands— the first country to legalize same-sex marriage— you will find that their sexual openness has led to increased tolerance of the community and increased safety in same-sex intercourse. Some of the ways that the Dutch handle sexuality include: encouraging masturbation to discover one’s sexuality, encouraging the use of contraception and condoms simultaneously, and discussing relationships in a way that “covers heterosexual and homosexual relationships [...] to transition from discussions of puberty to discussions of sexuality”4. By treating homosexual relationships and sex as commonplace— which they are— the country has managed to earn the reputation of the most pro-gay, sexually open, and comprehensive country in our modern world. This is the kind of reputation that goes along with happiness among citizens, and therefore should be the kind of reputation America strives for. By including all people and sexualities in sex education, there is increased safety among young adults and these people feel valid and included. As a country that tries to be a progressive figure in our modern world, this is a value that we as a
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